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So your dog knows basic obedience, but the hormones have kicked in! And now he thinks it's ok to be defiant, rebellious, and even steal some food off the counter once in a while!

Time to reassert yourself as that consistent and insistent pack-leader that you started out to be - and pick up a few tricks along the way, and get that respect back!

We will review basic obedience, and good pack leader behavior. Then we will work on desensitization to distractions and proofing, stubborn, defiant behavior, how reward for loose leash behaviors, calming behaviors, techniques with a variety of equipment, house training lapses, how to keep your dog out of trouble at the dog park, and other related topics. Finally, we will work expanding the vocabulary of commands to be more effective

Double click attachments to open and print, as they contain multiple pages:

Lesson 1
Review of Marker Training. 
Touch, Sit, Down, Leave it, Look

Lesson 2
What is Proofing?

Lesson 3
Testing with Obstacles, sight and sound distractions. (Links Below)

Lesson 4
Testing heeling, stay, and recall with treats and other distractions.  (Links Below)

Lesson 5
We Meet in a Crowded Location nContinued testing with distractions- generalizing, fluency, proofing.
AKCCGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen Test)

Lesson 6

Advanced Training Links: