Homemade Phil's Pup Camp Training Treat Recipe

1 package of liver sausage (Braunschweiger) - you can chill or freeze part way to make it easier to cut up

1 lb boneless chicken thighs or tenders cooked and chilled - save the broth for adding to their food

1 package of all beef hot dogs

1 – 8oz package generic jack cheese or cheddar or both!

You can also use ends and pieces from the slicing meats from the deli counter if your store sells it (usually discounted) - just be careful of adding to much salt content (as in the ham, etc).

Cut all into small squares (swallowing size appropriate) and freeze on a cookie sheet. When frozen mix all together and put appropriate training amounts into sandwich size baggies and hold for use in the freezer.

You may use several times (just replace in the freezer), unless it gets completely warm and melted. If unusable for training add to their food.

I recommend visiting Animal Feeds, or Bentleys Corner Barkery with your dog, as they will let your dog sample training treats to find out which ones are “high value” for your dogs. (Grab some healthy chew toys while you are there!)

Also keep in mind that some treats are too tempting and distracting for your dog. So sometimes you need a treat with a lower value!