Phil Webb

Born in Boston, I live in Arlington Heights, IL.  I raised and trained animals all my life, currently I live with two deaf Great Danes, Caly and Blue. Caly and I are members of Therapy Dogs Inc. and volunteers at Northwest Community Hospital. My history includes 1000’s of hours of training dogs, 500 hours in Animal Assisted Therapy in the hospital environment and countless hours of behavior training and pro-bono work. I volunteered, apprenticed, and consulted with dog rescues, and the best Chicagoland trainers.  I work with Caly at schools, daycare, and visit children with learning disabilities.


  • PhilsPupCamp dog training uses a natural blend of positive reinforcement and ignoring bad behavior while looking for creative alternatives. Phil’s Pup Camp teaches consistency, enthusiasm and patience for reliable results and fluency.
  • PhilsPupCamp involves the owner and family as much as possible. 
  • PhilsPupCamp uses humane scientifically proven methods including pack/instinct mentality, positive reinforcement, luring, shaping, marker training, fluency, and corrections based on personality and necessity without intimidation.


  • PhilsPupCamp classes since 2011
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers -Professional Member
  • CCPDT -KA Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers- Tested
  • Therapy Dogs Inc -Member and Tester/Observer (Evaluator)
  • AKC All Star Puppy Instructor
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • AKC Community Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Karen Pryor Clicker Training Expo LA - Jan 2014
  • Palatine Emergency Response Team, Disaster Animal Response Team Leader
  • Insured for Therapy visits with Therapy Dogs Inc, 
  • Insured for Training and Boarding by Business Insurers of the Carolinas
  • Volunteer Buddy Dog Foundation 2010, 2011